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January 6, 2016
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February 11, 2016
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Five Ways Smart Businesses Are Using SMS

To stay competitive in business, it’s vital to take advantage of the latest marketing trends and platforms. One platform that can be very effective for all types of businesses is SMS marketing. Here are five ways you can use SMS marketing tools in your business.

Offer discounts and special deals

A special deal is always attractive. One of the benefits of using SMS to push discounts to customers is that unlike other platforms such as email, your message won’t end up in a junk folder as spam, and you can be more confident that it will actually be read. SMS also allows you to offer your deals under the cloak of exclusivity, in a way that has more immediacy.


Use existing customers to increase your database

One of the benefits of SMS marketing is that you’re talking to people who have already consented, on some level, to communicate with you. This means there is already some interest in your brand or product, allowing you to craft messages that they can then pass on to their friends, colleagues and others in their circles. Whether it’s a special deal such as “get one of your friends to sign up today and we’ll reward you” or simply exposing them to products or services that their acquaintances might like, this means you can use them as active customer recruiters for your business.

Use immediate calls to action

Another advantage of SMS marketing is that your messaging goes through instantly. Most people have their mobiles on them pretty much all the time, and check text messages far more frequently than they do emails. So if you’re trying to quickly push a new product or service, you can get instant customer engagement by using SMS mobile marketing with a targeted call to action.

Polls and surveys

Everyone loves to be asked their opinion. Conducting surveys and polls via SMS gives you an instant way of gathering valuable customer feedback. Make the poll or survey concise, and entertaining in order to engage your customers. SMS feedback also allows you another entry point to get the customer interested in your services, by ending with a call to action for example.

Integrate URLS with SMS to boost sales

Incorporating appropriate short URLS into an SMS campaign can encourage click throughs and drive customers online to check out specific products, or redeem offers and coupons.

There are many great SMS marketing tools out there. The instant and engaging nature of SMS means it’s an extremely powerful way of communicating with customers. It allows a direct conversation with the customer that few other platforms do, so look into a solution that suits your business today.

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