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September 23, 2015
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How can Event Managers benefit from the Mobile Channel?

One of the game-changing trends across the event management industry is the use of the mobile channel. According to the latest research from Deloitte[1], an increasing number of mobile users check their phones unprompted, to see whether any messages have arrived since the last glance. What better way to promote an event than being able to communicate with your audience when they are on the go?


With an open rate of 99%[2], SMS is the ideal tool for event organisers for a wide variety of reasons, whether it’s processing registrations, event marketing or enhancing attendee engagements. Here are just some of the ways savvy event managers are utilising the mobile channel:

  1. Key announcements

SMS messages can be sent to attendees with news about exhibits, products or keynote speakers using mobile landing pages as an extension of the SMS message. And why is this so effective? Rich media including maps or videos can be added to easily and quickly announce important and relevant news to attendees, all in real-time. The result? A contextually relevant message delivered straight to the hands of the attendees. Brilliant.

  1. Valuable feedback

Event organisers can get immediate feedback from attendees during the event through easy to fill out mobile landing pages containing polls and surveys received through SMS. This means that anything that isn’t working well can be tweaked for a better event experience for the attendees.

  1. Data and analytics

Some of the more sophisticated mobile phone apps can time track the attendee journey. For instance, how long they spent at a particular session or exhibit.

Every ‘like’ on social media, every blog post, and every share of event information can also be tracked and analysed. This in turn helps pinpoint trends and how to tailor an effective marketing message.


  1. Games and Competitions

Live games and competitions through the mobile channel are a great way to get your business exposure. They help to increase attendee engagement and create an interactive atmosphere. Games and competitions can be anything from clue-based to scavenger hunt style activities where participants have to navigate their way around exhibition stalls. They can also be woven around products or brand messages as well.

The mobile channel can help streamline processes and personalise the experience for end-users. These mobile marketing services range from announcing important news, to receiving immediate feedback to live competitions, the mobile channel is well worth exploring when it comes to organising a successful event.


[1] Deloitte “Mobile consumer 2015: Game of phone”.

[2] Oxygen8 “mastering multichannel journey: making engagement pay”, 2015.

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