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September 4, 2015
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The Jurassic digital agency

Being agile and adaptive is crucial if you want to survive in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. So is your agency a dinosaur, or are you using all the available digital tools to their fullest potential for your business and your clients? Here are some vital questions to ask.

Is social media an afterthought?



In the past, social media often used to be an additional element of a campaign – a nice afterthought. Now, many campaigns begin on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and it’s been shown that social media is a key tool for driving purchases.

A report by Vision Critical published on found that 40% of customers purchased an item after sharing or ‘favouriting’ it on social media. Social media promotions often have more weight with customers, and marketing can be done in more engaging, entertaining ways than many traditional channels.

If your agency isn’t right on board with social media, you’re not only losing out on maximising the reach of your clients’ campaigns, but also failing to tap a valuable resource for your own business. Every part of your agency should have its own social feed, and be harnessing the social media contacts of employees.

Are you taking advantage of mobile marketing SMS?

Mobile engagement solutions are at the forefront of modern digital marketing. There are many benefits. They’re cost-effective, allow instant communication and reach the intended target, unlike emails that can end up in spam folders.

Because SMS’ are going to customers who have already given their permission to be contacted by businesses, conversion rates are significantly higher. Customers are open to dialogue and engagement.

Mobile engagement platforms can be used to offer deals, feature services, provide feedback and interaction which gives you crucial customer data, or simply to bring the customer deeper into the sales funnel. Now that most customers use their smartphones more than any other platform, this is simply one area you can’t afford to ignore.

Are you blogging effectively?


Blogging has become something many businesses do, and it’s getting increasingly sophisticated. Gone are the days of someone writing a few paragraphs on an ad hoc basis. Now, blogs are an essential part of any marketing strategy and are often produced by professional writers. The best blogs don’t overtly push the reader into a purchase. Instead, the blog is a long, slow burn strategy that brings the audience down the sales funnel.

It’s more about sharing useful and interesting information than about directly advertising a product or service. This then leads to social media shares, and pushes the brand out to a wider audience.

Are you using integrated platforms?

You should think holistically about all of your digital marketing platforms. They can all be used to prop each other up and drive traffic across your entire digital landscape. For example, are you using mobile marketing SMS campaigns? If so, it’s a good idea to include appropriate URLS for relevant parts of your website. This in turn sends customers to your web pages, improving Google rankings and also helping sales conversions. Gone are the days of single channel marketing strategies, if it’s not multi-channel it won’t be working.

Are you using SEO effectively?

Best practice SEO is constantly changing as search engines keep revamping the rules. Google has become more sophisticated in its algorithms, and will penalise attempts at keyword stuffing or what’s known as ‘black hat’ practices. To make sure your business blog and website is ranking as high as it could be, it may be worthwhile consulting with an SEO expert.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a fast and furious rate. What worked last year may now be out-dated. Always keep on top of the current trends through forums and relevant publications, and monitor your marketing strategies via analytics. In such a competitive environment, you simply can’t afford to fall behind.

Claudia Klein
Claudia Klein
Claudia Klein is the Marketing Manager for Oxygen8 Australia and regular blog contributor for Oxygen8 Group. With a MA in International Relations, she’s always been passionate about the power of communications. She gets excited about mobile engagement and fitness bodybuilding, so when she’s not available on her mobile you’ll most likely find her at the gym. She loves to listen, learn and do things differently.

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