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Mobile Marketing Basics: A Guide for SMEs


Mobile marketing at its most basic, is marketing that is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones. Mobile campaigns can be automated, and are generally highly targeted to customers. They can take many forms, from text or MMS messages to QR codes and in-app advertising. Ultimately, marketing on mobile is a sophisticated tool that allows marketers to create effective, trackable campaigns with little fuss.

Why do small to medium businesses need it?

With so many people now using smartphones in preference to desktop computers for browsing the internet and making purchases, it makes sense to leverage this platform to reach your customers.

Mobile marketing also allows you to tailor a product message or promotion to the customer’s specific preferences or buying habits, which in turn can mean higher conversion rates. Small to medium businesses generally don’t have the same marketing budgets as larger entities, meaning the tailored approach offered by mobile marketing can work very well.

It all starts with the correct data

Business marketing campaigns live or die by the effectiveness of the data. So the first step is collating customer data correctly and building a customer profile that is accurate and useful for targeting campaigns. For example, there’s no point sending out text messages to say a product a customer has already bought is on sale. It’s important to note that data collection is an ongoing job, as the customer’s needs and profile changes over time.


How it works

Mobile marketing software can send brand messages at the right time of day on the right platform to the customer. It can also post calls to action based on actions taken by the customer on social media, blogs or online forums. Once the parameters of the campaign and the text and any images are set, it can be automated.

Once you have campaigns running, the best mobile marketing services are agile and responsive, offering you the ability to make changes as needed. The analytics features means that the customer’s buying trends and response to brand touchpoints can be tracked, and then the campaign can be tweaked accordingly.

You can monitor the overall success of your campaigns, and also limit the number of push messages the customer receives to prevent brand fatigue.

If you’re interested in using mobile marketing to reach your customers, look for a mobile marketing company with a strong track record, who can set up the framework to give your customers a personalised and positive experience with your brand.

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