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February 11, 2016
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Why Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay


With mobile usage growing at a phenomenal rate, it’s no longer possible to overlook the importance of mobile marketing.

While PC-based marketing still has its place, there are compelling reasons to consider a mobile marketing campaign.

According to Google, mobile searches now outweigh PC-based searches on the internet, and increasing numbers of businesses are making their websites mobile friendly.

So let’s look at why mobile marketing is the way to go.

Smartphones are cheaper than ever before

When the first Blackberries came out, it was only the likes of celebrities and high flyers who could afford them. The new generation of smartphones has dropped dramatically in price, making them accessible to a far wider audience.

With many phone companies now offering free smartphones with their monthly plans, the modern mobile experience is available to pretty much anyone.

People are getting better at using them

Again, when smartphones first emerged, only the chosen, geeky few seemed to know how to operate them. It was a major achievement to make a call, let alone work out the mind-boggling array of functions.

Things that amazed us back then are seen as commonplace now – reading newspapers online, listening to music on YouTube, playing games, map-reading and navigating as well as downloading whatever app you fancy.

Increasingly, we look to our mobile devices to give us information about the world, and that includes the products and services we choose.

Online shopping is king


We love our online shopping and, with more and more companies wise to the perils of online theft, checking out and paying online is more secure than ever before.

Systems that allow customers to pay directly from their phone, or even to have purchases charged to their phone bills, make mobile payments both easy and safe.

Increasing numbers of people love the convenience of shopping online, and are happy to be offered bright, intelligent and enticing adverts to help them make a quick and smart shopping purchase.

It’s all about mobile engagement solutions which appeal to the buying habits of a new generation.

Built-in convenience

Mobile marketing reaches customers wherever they are – in transit, hotel rooms and restaurants. What better way to convert a customer than have them browse a website on their phone, then simply press the phone number displayed for instant connection to the business? Or deliver a targeted marketing campaign direct to their phone via an SMS? No chance of a marketing email being caught in a spam filter.

Social media heaven

It’s well known that users of smartphones are more likely to be users of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s the accepted way for younger people – and growing numbers of older people – to connect with the world.

With any social media marketing, then, it’s vital to make all your advertisements and links mobile friendly. If you don’t, you will risk failing to reach a large section of your potential market.

Mobile friendly websites


While Google’s 2015 algorithm change failed to topple the internet, despite gloomy predictions of Mobilegeddon, it is clear that companies without mobile friendly websites risk losing their rankings – and valuable customers as a result.

With smartphones here to stay, mobile marketing – from text message campaigns to mobile friendly websites – can help you reach customers directly in ways that haven’t been possible in the past.

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