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December 8, 2015
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SMS Marketing: It’s Easier Than You Think


SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing solutions out there, the research speaks for itself. It allows instant and direct access to customers, wherever they are. It’s also easy to use, and allows campaigns to be modified based on real-time data and feedback.

Here are just seven benefits of this marketing platform.

User friendly

SMS mobile marketing allows you to upload all your contacts with ease and then create multiple address books, or divide your contacts up into appropriate groups. Good mobile marketing providers will set you up with a control panel you can access anywhere you have internet access. Then you simply type your message and select the groups you send it to.

Easy to refine and hone

SMS platforms offer analytics on things like open rates and conversions. This means you have the capability to tweak any campaign quickly and easily based on customer feedback and data. Incorporating links to HTML5 pages within the SMS campaign provides even greater insight. The platform can collect any answers or information that you request of your customer on the HTML5 page, which in return can assist you with further research and data collection.


Easy to opt out

The most reputable SMS mobile marketing platforms have auto opt-out features, so you don’t have to physically remove anyone from the database. This saves you time and ensures you’re not going to be annoying anyone who has already opted out with a further message. Top tip: As with email marketing, the best way to increase your return on marketing investment is to make it as easy as possible for subscribers to unsubscribe.

No software required

SMS marketing doesn’t rely on software or apps, and you don’t need to run anything off your own network. Once you select your provider and they set you up, all the system load is carried by them. Top tip: Choose a provider that offers a strong support system and a global footprint in case you run into difficulties.

Versatile and easy to customise

SMS platforms should have a flexible API to integrate easily with other platforms for

1)    Sending messages in real-time, where a piece of information will trigger the platform to send out an SMS.

2)    Easy use for the user when platforms are integrated so you don’t have to swap platforms but have it all in one place.

Easy to embed 

SMS doesn’t have to be boring. You can attach video, images, audio or anything else you want that may dazzle the receiver. This will result in a great interactive way of messaging with your customers. Top tip: stand out from the marketing noise with direct SMS and interactive mobile landing pages.

Works with all other channels


SMS marketing tools complement other platforms. As more consumers use their smartphones for e-commerce and other transactions, SMS marketing is perfect for driving consumers to a website and straight to a point of sale. It can be used to remind customers about an email or be used as a call to action to a website, physical shop or social media channel. It’s very easy to integrate SMS marketing with all your other platforms without any extra set up.

SMS marketing is easy to set up and use. It allows you to reach your customers directly, and respond to data and feedback to hone your campaigns. If you haven’t tried it, now might be the time!




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