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Improve Your Inbound and Outbound Mobile Communications This Christmas


Many retailers are already beginning to plan their Christmas campaigns because it’s the most important time of the year for increased sales. Last year internet sales over the Christmas period grew almost 20% year on year according to the British Retail Consortium.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider what you can do to increase buyer confidence, drive revenue even further and implement a robust and scalable solution which adapts to seasonal peaks.

Here are some ideas that you can implement now which will help you to address the needs of your business and also your consumers, improving your digital communication strategy in time for Christmas.

Get your sales and marketing team working together

Sales and marketing departments should be the closest in any company. Marketing position a brand and advertise the products, whilst sales communicate with potential consumers and close business. Getting the two working in harmony by implementing technologies which drive success for both is a compelling business case.

For marketing professionals looking to leverage this in order to implement new technologies or to switch existing providers, devising a joint proposition which benefits both teams will mean that getting senior stakeholder buy in will be much more of a formality as the benefits to the business increase significantly.

Mobile solutions you should implement

Short codes:

A short code is a 5 or 7 digit number which people can text or call and can have a variety of benefits:

  • More memorable than long phone numbers and websites.
  • Used for SMS and calls.
  • Can be instantly responded to at a point of sale or whilst consumers are mobile.
  • Can be responded to 24/7, when your call centre or retail outlet is closed.
  • Convenient and easy for consumers to use.
  • Campaigns can be measured accurately and immediately.
  • Captures consumer data effectively helping you to grow your contact lists quickly.
  • Cost effective to implement.
  • Can come with a variety of tariffs, zero rated, 15p, £1 etc.
  • Can be shared or dedicated depending on your budget.
  • Enable you to use keywords to differentiate each campaign such as text Oxygen8 to 88833.

Oxygen8 also now offer 7 digit short codes, which have additional functionality. Simply put, they are an extension to the standard 5 digit short codes because the first 5 digits can be specific to your brand 8883301 and the last two can relate to a department, 01 for sales, 02 for customer services, 03 for finance Or alternatively they can be used as a voting tool, 01 for Glastonbury, 02 for Latitude, 03 for Sonisphere, for example.

HTML5 forms for increased data capture via SMS

If you want to increase data capture and footfall into particular stores or outlets, how about incentivising consumers to text in to receive a voucher code to spend instore?

Location based: You can quickly build an HTML5 form responder to get consumers to tell you more about themselves. This works especially well for location based targeting and can drive traffic to stores offering different promotions in each.

Location-based mobile marketing


Enquiry management: With no additional cost you could set up a responder with an HTML5 form asking the consumer to give you more information about their query so that you can instantly pass them to the right department.


HTML5 SMS forms

[ut_alert color=”themecolor”]Would you like to try it yourself? Text Oxygen8 to 88833* now and see how this works. [/ut_alert]

SMS to email: This is ideal for businesses who want to offer a fantastic consumer experience, enabling you to set up specific responders to your clients, which can vary depending on the keywords used.

  • When the customer texts HELP to a designated shortcode, the customer services team can respond and activate a call
  • When the customer texts in BUY the sales team can be alerted and respond to the enquiry.

This works incredibly well for your business and consumers, internally you can have notification via email to a call agent reducing enquiry response times and externally, the consumer gets a reply SMS notifying them what’s going to happen next. It offers a fantastic user experience because consumers don’t have to spend time and money waiting for their call to be answered and the added value is that it only costs the consumer the price of a standard message.

What to do next

If these examples have got you thinking about what you could implement to improve your communication strategy then get in touch today and we can talk you through the process of setting up a service that suits your business.

Oxygen8 provide a wide range of mobile and SMS solutions which have been designed and built with our customers in mind to add value to their communications strategies.

Mobile is an extremely cost effective channel to implement and its simplicity and immediacy offers consumers an unrivalled user experience.

[ut_alert color=”themecolor”]Would you like to try it yourself? Text Oxygen8 to 88833* now and see how this works. [/ut_alert]

* Inbound messages are charged at the standard network message rate

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