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Mobile Marketing Magazine Interview With Oxygen8 Group CEO Shane Leahy

Intelligent Communications

David Murphy from Mobile Marketing Magazine meets Oxygen8 Group CEO Shane Leahy

David Murphy, from Mobile Marketing Magazine, spoke to Oxygen8’s Group CEO, Shane Leahy at Mobile World Congress 2013. Shane talks about Oxygen8’s corporate solutions, intelligent communications and expansion plans.


David Murphy: Hi Shane, how have you found the show?

Shane Leahy: Great, it’s been fantastic. The customers and prospects we’ve met have been fantastic for the business.

David: Who are Oxygen8 Group and what are you doing?

Shane: We are an international mobile solutions company. We have three divisions; a corporate solutions division which enable corporates to interact with consumers, a payments solutions division which enables consumers to pay for goods and services via the mobile phone and an international money remittance division, Oxygen8 Money.

David: Where are your offices based?

Shane: We’re headquartered in Birmingham, UK and we have offices in London and international offices in Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Uganda, Barbados, USA and Canada.

David Murphy: Could you explain how your corporate solutions have helped the banking industry?

Shane: We provide a broad range of solutions enabling corporates to interact with all consumers via the mobile phone, ranging from simple messaging to complex interactive services. For example, we provide  a location based solution for an international bank. If the consumer  travels abroad, we inform the bank and enables them to cancel the credit card if it is used in an international location.

Our solution is also integrated into their back-end systems so we can enable the bank to message or call the consumer to ensure proper use of their credit card.

David: What makes you stand out from the competition?

Shane: Intelligent Communications. We not only allow corporates to interact with the consumer, we use that information to make a decision on the communication. For example, on an outbound message, we can include a reply pad on that message to interact with a consumer database. It allows decisions to be made based on the reaction of the consumer. The entry of the decision tree makes the communication ‘intelligent’.

David: What can we expect from Oxygen8 Group this year?

Shane: International expansion is still high on our agenda. We have expanded into a number of countries but we have further plans to expand further into East Africa and South America, where we have already made the first tentative steps.

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