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June 20, 2013
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June 21, 2013
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Oxygen8 Group team with the SmartWoman Project

SmartWoman Project

Oxygen8 Group is delighted to announce that it is entering into a strategic alliance with ChangeCorp. The partnership will support the roll out of the SmartWoman Project in Kenya, a mobile movement to help women across the world access valuable information.

The SmartWoman project is connecting women around the world through the use of mobile. Creating a global community, the project will provide a platform for women to send and receive valuable information, expert advice and deliver connectivity, no matter their location.

Launched and powered by ChangeCorp, a mobile learning content company that specialises in women’s issues, The SmartWoman Project offers a new model of sponsoring and donation giving. Through a monthly fee, members receive rich, dynamic content to help advance not just their own life, but, most importantly, create a learning opportunity for women in developing countries who do not have access to formal education.

Louise Guido, CEO of ChangeCorp commented; “The SmartWoman Project’s mission is to eliminate the barriers for education to women by giving learning messages and content through the mobile phone. By working with Oxygen8 in East Africa, we have a partner that can actively assist us in reaching out to women in the region who will find the content and information that will be an invaluable tool for helping them deal with issues they may not otherwise be able to manage. Reaching those people is vital and we are pleased that Oxygen8 saw the potential this project has to make a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Brian Waluchio, CEO of Oxygen8 East Africa added; “We met Louise at Mobile World Congress and it was obvious from the outset that ChangeCorp are not only aware of the immense challenge in the provision of vital information in the region but, also as a way of utilising current technologies and infrastructures to reach the most remote and marginalised.

Learning and education in Africa is an important area and not one restricted to the classroom and by teaming with ChangeCorp and working with Louise and other project partners we truly believe that we can start to make a difference in people’s lives across the country and eventually the region”.

For more information on the project and it’s partners visit

cinzia cecchetto
cinzia cecchetto
Cinzia is the Group Marketing Coordinator for Oxygen8 Group. Born in Italy and holding a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, she’s perfectly placed to orchestrate transnational marketing activities. In 2012, she moved to England to begin a new academic and professional path abroad. She’s passionate about digital marketing, specialising in social media management and email marketing best practices.

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