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10 Mobile Marketing Buzzwords You Need To Know

Marketing buzzwordsBelow we have compiled a list of ten must-know marketing buzzwords to keep you up to date with the ever-evolving vocabulary of mobile marketing.

1. Engagement

(1) Online consumer actions, including likes, shares and comments. (2) Strategies brands use to foster relationships and the resulting analytics.

2. 360 Campaign

A holistic marketing plan where every piece of information concerning a particular brand is communicated to the target audience through all possible channels.

3. SoLoMo

An inclusive term for three big trends: social media, local commerce and mobile apps.

4. Second Screen

Describes content on one device (tablet, smartphone, computer) that provides contextual information for programming.

5. Big Data

Refers to our ability to collect and analyse the extensive and detail-rich data sets that we are now generating in the world. The ability to harness the ever-expanding amounts of data is completely transforming our ability to understand the world and everything within it.

6. Two-Way Conversation

Engaging with consumers on a personal level, brand-to-person e.g. via social networks.

7. Native Advertising

Advertisements on a website that look and behave like the site’s content e.g. sponsored stories, posts or premium ads on Facebook or Twitter.

8. Agile Marketing

Marketing initiatives that are nimble, flexible and allow for real-time changes or adjustments.

9. Snackable content

“Bite-sized” chunks of information that can quickly be consumed by the audience. Often refers to minigraphics – infographics that are very focused on a single piece of data rather than the entire story.

10. Crowdsourcing

Described as “the biggest focus group you could ever imagine,” crowdsourcing provides the opportunity to reach and gather information from a large group of people through the Internet – specifically, social media.


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