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August 19, 2014
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5 Mobile Marketing Tips For The Fast Food & Takeaway Sector

With the annual Take Away Expo around the corner, the industry is buzzing with excitement about the improvement of existing technology solutions and new products that are going to reform the industry in the future, with Mobile playing a key role. SMS in particular, can improve sales, generate footfall and enhance engagement.

Here are our 5 key takeaway tips to turn up the heat on your SMS strategy.

  1. Personalise each message

Each message should be as unique as the individual receiving it. Building up unique customer profiles will ensure your campaigns are more relevant to your consumers, helping to drive better results through more personalised campaigns.

  1. Create a relationship with consumers

Brand loyalty, repeat business and respect is earned. Use SMS for more than sales and promotional offers by building a relationship with your consumers.

For example, SMS is highly effective for order and payment confirmations. You can also gather feedback to learn what your consumers like so that you can improve your customer experience over time, all of which enriches your data so that you can send even more relevant and positive campaigns.

  1. Have a strong call-to-action and be direct

Mobile marketing provides fast results because of its immediacy, so don’t detract from this by making messages too long. Grab the attention of your consumers by sending relevant actionable content to drive conversions.

You could consider using short URL’s as a call-to-action, linked to a mobile-optimised HTML5 landing pages to send rich media content such as images, sound and video to bring your campaigns to life and add another dimension to your marketing.

  1. Timing is everything

The timing of your campaigns is the difference between success and failure. You need to ensure you work with a provider who has the throughput to process your volume of messages quickly, because if the messages don’t get delivered in real-time and are delayed, the relevancy decreases and they could do more harm than good.

  1. Quality data

Short codes are a simple and effective tool to increase the quality and quantity of your database. Use them as a sign up mechanism for SMS and also a voice solution which consumers can call. Five-digit short codes are easy to remember and perfect for cross-channel engagement because you can promote them across your other digital channels easily.

Mobile is a lucrative channel for FMCG businesses and the biggest change for the Fast Food industry in 2015 will be the transformation of transactions.  Mobile Wallets will quickly replace the use of Cash and Credit/Debit Cards as a chosen payment mechanism.

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