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September 25, 2013
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How You Can Use HTML5 to Improve Your SMS Campaigns

The new kid on the block in SMS marketing, HTML5, enables you to enrich SMS messages with clickable links. HTML5 is a brilliant way to get your message out on a mobile platform quickly and easily.

How will this benefit you?

  • Communicate your brand values easily and succinctly with a clear call to action
  • Richer content draws customers into your messages making them more engaged
  • Content can be reformatted to fit specific handset types, personalising the experience
  • High quality, fast delivery with full campaign reporting and analysis so you can measure success
  • Images, videos, audio and branding say more than just text alone for visual appeal
  • Launch mobile web campaigns quickly and effectively saving you time

Here are a few examples of the types of content HTML5 could be used for. You’ll see that you can easily pull in personalisation fields, use interactive links which can trigger other actions such as a phone call, SMS or email in response.


Measuring success

One of the key features of HTML5 is the ability to track your links by simply integrating your web analytics tool. This means that you can attribute a monetary value to each transaction or interaction, which is great for measuring success.

Implementing HTML5 technology is essential if you want to stay ahead and improve brand recognition. Building a brand and improving your communications in line with the digital trends is vital if you want to appeal to the wider audience.

How can you ignore these statistics?

  • 75% of people prefer receiving ads via SMS
  • SMS Vouchers are 10x more likely to be redeemed and shared than mail or newspaper
  • 94% of adults own a mobile phone
  • Experts are predicting that by 2017 Mobile will account for a massive 44.4% of UK Digital Ad spend, which means that there will be an increase in revenue from this channel.

Key takeaways

  • Improve your results and consumer engagement using HTML5 technology
  • Measure engagement by integrating your web analytics tool for greater insight and to report ROI
  • A tech savvy audience will appreciate your use of innovative technology and engage with you on a new level
  • An image can portray a thousand words; you only get 160 characters with a basic SMS
  • Creating content couldn’t be easier and efficient
  • SMS is much more direct which means the call to action is clearer and more succinct

You can come and talk to me about HTML5 in more detail at Mobile Marketing Live on Thursday 3rd of October, click here to make an appointment.

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