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Oxygen8 Expert Guest Speaker On Building Business And Brands In Asia

Kerry Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Oxygen8 Communications, South East Asia and Latin America, was proud to deliver a high profile seminar and speech at San Beda College Alabang in the Philippines last month.Students from Asia’s top private institutions, University of Muntinlupa, Lyceum of the Philippines University and San Beda College Alabang were amongst the 200 attendees at Kerry Morgan’s seminar. Visiting professors from the universities, who hold senior positions in industries such as television, advertising and mobile, also attended the presentation.

Speaking of his seminar, CEO Kerry Morgan commented, “It was a real honor to be invited to speak to the present and future business men and women of Asia about building businesses and brands in the world’s largest continent. I’m delighted that I have had the opportunity to share my expertise of working with globally trusted and innovative brands such as Oxygen8 Communications”.

Having worked for a number of Fortune 1000 telecommunication, broadcast and social media companies and now Oxygen8 Communications, Kerry is considered an expert in the Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin business cultures. The globally respected international CEO has also made numerous appearances on TV networks sharing his experience in new digital media services.

Shirley A. Padua, Chair, Communication and Media Studies of San Beda College Alabang, commented, “Branding is powerful since it influences the minds of the consumers through its persuasive appeals. People always prefer the extraordinary than the ordinary. The seminar presented Mr. Kerry Morgan on ‘Building a Business and Branding in Asia’ has made us aware of the driving force in market leadership and how this market leadership happens in Asia.”

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