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The Benefits of Implementing Voice Short Codes into your Business

The progression towards interactive mobile services is becoming a popular strategy for organisations that want to improve communications. It is crucial for businesses to immerse themselves in the realities of mobile and adapt to the change as quickly as possible. This blog will focus specifically on the benefits of voice short codes within a mobile strategy.

The Facts:




Recent rulings from Ofcom have stated that as of June 2015 changes will be made to the regulation of non-geographic calls made by consumers to the 084, 087, 09 and 118 number ranges, resulting in transparent pricing for consumers. Tariffs will remain high from mobile phones whereas voice short codes will have a consistent price across all mobile networks. This means that you can help your customers by reducing the cost of a call without affecting your margin. With revenue share likely to become a thing of the past, now could be the perfect time for businesses to invest in voice short codes.

What is a voice short code and how can they help your business?

Voice short codes are five digits long and support both voice traffic and SMS, providing a great opportunity to extend the use of mobile to a broader range of interactive services and campaigns. The customer calls the short code as they would any 11 digit telephone number and are routed either via an IVR (e.g. press 1 for sales, etc.) or go straight to a representative according to the call routing plan of your telephone system or Contact Centre.

Voice short codes also allow you to simplify your marketing communication campaigns and improve the memorability of your contact number and attract mobile consumers in a price transparent way.

The benefits of implementing voice short codes:

Voice short codes have a range of benefits that see them being repeatedly chosen by businesses to run certain campaigns:

  • Memorable – A short code is easier to remember than the 08XX number meaning customers are more likely to call you
  • Complements – It works alongside your 08XX number
  • Multi-use – The same number can be used across your SMS, MMS and Video calls
  • Control – You decide how much to charge your customer for calling you
  • Seamless – calls work in conjunction with your inbound platform
  • Data – from service users will form a database of mobile numbers, which can be used for future contact with your customers with further information regarding products, services and discount vouchers etc.

The versatility of voice short codes is endless and this is not the only format that benefits from short codes. They can be used for numerous other applications; marketing campaigns or major corporations such as banks, call centres and technical support lines, for example.

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