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5 Tips For Organising Your Christmas Campaigns


Christmas is traditionally a time when consumers are at their most receptive and are keen to buy products or services. So how do you maximise this marketing opportunity? Here are five tips for those all-important Christmas campaigns.

Tip 1: Start as early as possible

Christmas is a season of giving and also a season of highly concentrated marketing campaigns. In order to be able to cut through, you’ll need to start early. For instance, if you’re marketing travel services, you should be messaging people about Christmas holiday deals several months out, as that’s when they’ll be planning their holidays. People plan to spend lots of money over the Christmas period and there’ll be a lot of competition for those dollars. Building up a strong database of potential customers in the target market well before Christmas is also part of starting early.

Tip 2: Tap into the Christmas spirit


Spend time carefully crafting your message. You want to tap into the Christmas spirit, but not go overboard and run the risk of just annoying your audience. Use Christmas-themed promotions such as “The Twelve Days of Discounts” or think about how you can use the prevailing sentiment of charity, perhaps by running a campaign where part of the profits go to a worthy cause. Simple seasonal cheer can also work well, with the offer of free Christmas gifts with purchases or discount vouchers.

Tip 3: Ensure the campaign stands out

In the crowded Christmas marketplace, your messaging needs to be compelling and unique. Christmas is a time of good cheer, so tongue-in-cheek or humorous campaigns can be winners. The key is to entertain customers with something memorable that keeps the brand top-of-mind.

Tip 4: Give customers a mobile experience with SMS


More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the web and make purchases these days. A mobile engagement solution can be one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers, especially over the Christmas period, when a lot of people are out and about away from their homes and offices. Sophisticated SMS marketing means you can target consumers directly, and your campaigns won’t be filtered as spam. In a survey by Forbes magazine, two thirds of respondents said they would use their smartphones to purchase gifts. This means you can take advantage of impulse buying by having a direct link from your marketing SMS to your online store.

Tip 5: Take advantage of interactive platforms

Interactive platforms can boost consumer engagement, especially during the Christmas period when people are more likely to be relaxed about taking part in fun activities. Why not consider a Christmas-themed interactive poll like “what’s the best way to spend Christmas?” or try a thumbs up thumbs down approach and get people to vote on the “silliest Christmas decorations”. These types of campaigns don’t have to be linked to a product or service, but will help get your audience engaged, which can in turn make them more receptive to campaigns that do feature a product or service.

So there you have it – start your campaigns early, sprinkle a little Christmas cheer and consider using SMS marketing to reach customers directly and you’ll be well on your way to having stand-out campaigns this festive season.

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