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Oxygen8 partners with Hireserve to provide recruitment sms solution



Oxygen8 has partnered with recruitment software specialists, Hireserve, to provide a revolutionary SMS solution for the recruitment sector.

Engage, the cloud-based mobile engagement solution powered by Oxygen8, will enable Hireserve to send highly personalised messages to candidates via SMS with details of job opportunities, remind them of interview details and also track candidate attendance with a simple YES/NO reply.

Engage will be fully integrated into the Hireserve applicant tracking system, known as ATS, via a simple API which will then automatically update the candidate status in real-time. The overall aim is to speed up the recruitment process for clients and make the overall job search process easier for applicants.

Jeremy Ovenden, Founder and Managing Director of Hireserve commented: “We are always looking for ways to enhance Hireserve ATS, our recruitment software, and making life easier for both our customers and their candidates. This new integration with Oxygen8 will reduce email administration for our customers and enhances the candidate experience. We are ensuring in-house recruiters can make every step of the recruitment process easier, quicker and more connected for their candidates.”



Oxygen8’s Engage solution is a cloud-based communication and campaign management tool with a track record of helping businesses enhance their mobile customer communications. Engage enables users to quickly design and launch targeted SMS campaigns, which increase sales, improve engagement and drive productivity.

Phil Herridge, Business Development Manager at Oxygen8 UK, commented: “Integrating Oxygen8’s SMS into Hireserve’s software will allow them to automate and speed up the recruitment process for all of their clients, whilst enhancing the candidate’s journey during the interview stage. Using SMS as a way to connect in-house recruiters and candidates quickly and conveniently is an exciting new development both for the SMS solutions and e-recruitment markets and we are delighted that Oxygen8 is powering the automation of the personalised communications.”

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