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April 16, 2014
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4 Benefits of Mobile CRM

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The blanket effect for mobile messaging campaigns is slowly becoming a thing of the past; the mode of communication has evolved from one that is a standalone, scattergun approach to one that is smart, targeted and relevant based on individual profiles. Consumers want and expect a lot more than ever before and businesses need to fully engage with this.

The key to successfully incorporating mobile into your marketing campaign is simple; it’s all about targeting, ensuring that a message is always welcomed as well as growing brand reputation and familiarity. This process will create enhanced, personalised and relevant customer experiences through better understanding of how current and potential customers would like to be communicated with and via which channels, all in real time.

Develop Unique Customer Profiles

The most important thing a business can do before communicating with a customer is to develop a unique profile and underpinning mobile communications such as SMS campaigns with CRM insight can make this achievable. It’s surprising, but most brands still have a very diluted view of what their customers are saying, doing, or buying on their websites, in retail, and across social media. As a result, the scattergun approach comes in to play, delivering no real results and wasting precious time and money. In the majority of these cases, businesses already have silos of data about their customers, which when combined would be enough to create a true 360-degree view.

Personalised Communications

Integrating customer transaction history, online behaviour data, and social information provides a powerful foundation for creating individualised customer messages. Integrating CRM facilitates the development of customer insight, providing information on what customers are saying, what they’re buying, what they’re doing and what they’re liking.

Through enhanced targeting developed with CRM and using an intelligent communications platform, businesses can push out more personalised messages and offer more tailored experiences on their websites, in social media and on mobile. For instance, car dealers would be able to reach someone who has specifically browsed or liked a certain model of car on an advertiser’s website or Facebook property and who has shown behaviour that he or she will soon purchase a vehicle.

SMS is also an opportunity to embed links into an SMS to allow the consumer to easily navigate to a mobile webpage using HTML5. This allows customers to access more information quickly, thus improving conversions, which can be tracked and used for valuable CRM and all of this can be done cost effectively.

Encourages Two-way Dialogue

As well as providing invaluable information for targeting, integrating CRM has the capability to encourage customers to open up and engage in two-way dialogue. The whole process of implementing CRM creates a better understanding of customers and far more intelligent campaigns as a result, not to mention that it can help drive sales and strengthen loyalty. Storing all of this customer data in one place simply opens up a world of possibilities and the more data that you have, the more sophisticated your SMS campaign will become. If a customer feels like they are being targeted with content that is valuable to them they are more likely to buy from a brand and establish a long-term relationship.

Consistent Customer Experience

Consumers like consistency. If you want to grow brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchasing, it’s important to provide your customers with a consistent service. Whether it is a personalised acknowledgement SMS following a purchase, for example or an alert make a customer aware of a delivery, consumers have come to expect such communication from brands and are likely to worry about their purchase or delivery if they don’t receive a confirmation. In many cases this can be very off putting for the customer and will more than likely damage a brands reputation. This can also be said for bookings; with taxi companies also increasing contact with customers through sending an SMS to the customer to confirm a booking has been made as well as when the car is approaching.

In conclusion, CRM is undeniably one of the most important tools a business needs to communicate effectively with their customers. This, coupled with a well thought out campaign, which considers all modes of communication thoroughly, and an intelligent communications platform to disseminate from, has the capacity to create their most powerful engagement strategy yet.

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