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April 24, 2013
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Personalisation is more than a name: How CRM can help organisations target customers more effectively

How CRM can help organisations target customers more effectively

How CRM can help organisations target customers more effectively

It’s fair to say that brands need to begin to think about more sophisticated ways of personalising messages or risk being left behind and losing savvy customers to the competition. If a customer feels like they are being targeted with content that is valuable to them they are more likely to buy from a brand and establish a long-term relationship.

Marketers are now finding themselves awash with more data than they once dreamed possible so more personalised targeting is now a definite option.

Maria Grant, Oxygen8 Group’s Head of Product Development, talks about personalisation when communicating with mobile users en mass in her recent article on Fourth Source and challenges the concept of  simply putting ‘Dear <name>’ and whether this qualifies as personalisation.

Maria questions whether such basic personalisation tactics are now defunct and if so, what can companies do to up personalisation and thus response rates? Delving into the opportunities that CRM and intelligent communications present, Maria provides a succinct overview of the evolution of personalisation. To read Maria’s full article click here

cinzia cecchetto
cinzia cecchetto
Cinzia is the Group Marketing Coordinator for Oxygen8 Group. Born in Italy and holding a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, she’s perfectly placed to orchestrate transnational marketing activities. In 2012, she moved to England to begin a new academic and professional path abroad. She’s passionate about digital marketing, specialising in social media management and email marketing best practices.

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