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April 25, 2013
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Mobile App or Mobile Website: Which Should You Build?

Whilst a recent survey conducted by Compuware suggested that consumers favour mobile apps rather than a mobile website, businesses should still weigh up the pros and cons of each before deciding to leap into the world of mobile.

Mobile apps are expected to be more convenient, faster and easier to use than mobile websites but can prove costly to build, especially if you’re considering building for each mobile operating system available. Mobile websites are generally cheaper and easier to build, but lack the user experience a mobile app can offer.

In a recent article published on B2B Marketing, James Marscheider, Marketing Manager of Oxygen8 Group digs deeper into the pros and cons of mobile apps and websites, considering a wide range of elements including the ease of development and offline capabilities. You can read the article here.

Infographic: Should you build a mobile app or mobile website?
Mobile App or Mobile Website

cinzia cecchetto
cinzia cecchetto
Cinzia is the Group Marketing Coordinator for Oxygen8 Group. Born in Italy and holding a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, she’s perfectly placed to orchestrate transnational marketing activities. In 2012, she moved to England to begin a new academic and professional path abroad. She’s passionate about digital marketing, specialising in social media management and email marketing best practices.


  1. Neil Summers says:


    I chanced upon this article that you have, I am Neil and I work for
    Just to let everyone of your reader know that there is also another way of redirecting your viewer to a mobile site that you have and automatically adjust the screen size and buttons to whatever type of mobile device they are using.
    Also I respectfully disagree with you that mobile apps would be convenient, apart for having multiple updates for the apps it will greatly affect your SEO ranking.
    However, having a mobile version of your site is not enough, you have to redirect your visitors from your main website to a mobile version of your site.
    It is called handsetdetection and it is quite easy to install as a plug in to any back end of your site.

    Hope this helps,
    Neil Summers

  2. George Oryang says:

    For a third world developing market like in my country (Uganda),
    I would still go with Mobile Browsers..
    Apps are still a bit too exclusive, considering the different OS platform App limitations.
    Thanks for sharing though.

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